Lechuza Cararo Planters

  • Black Cararos
  • Cararo Planters as a border
  • Pool area
  • White Cararo Troughs
  • Taupe Cararo
  • Anthracite Cararo
  • Scarlet Cararo
  • Cararos on a marble floor
Exceptionally high quality planters that are lightweight, shatterproof, UV and frost resistant. They are suitable for both interior and exterior plantings. A tapered trough with flowing radius to the corners. A sub-irrigation system is available (with rollers). Colours: Gloss black, gloss white, gloss scarlet, gloss taupe (beige grey). Metallic silver, anthracite (metallic charcoal).

Cararo Troughs Stock

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Lechuza Cararo trough Cararo Troughs combines the classic trough form with Lechuza's characteristic elegance. standard colour range CAR75 trough with top frame 75cm x 30cm x 43cm (30" x 12" x 17"). This is the planter only, please add the watering system below to convert to a self watering planter with rollers.
Colour range. Anthracite, Black, White, Silver, Taupe and Scarlet .

Cararo self watering system Stock

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Lechuza Cararo Self Watering System Self watering system (including rollers)

Download Lechuza watering instructions

Colour Range

Colour representations below are to give guidance only, and cannot be regarded as accurate
  • Cararo Black
  • Cararo White
  • Cararo Anthracite
  • Cararo Scarlet
  • Cararo Silver
  • Cararo Taupe